Monday, August 10, 2009

Taking the Blog on the Road Next Summer

No details have been released, oh but when they are....this TwiMom will be ready! Internet rumors are swirling around TwiCon 2010 to be held in Las Vegas & Toronto. A very reliable source told me that there was chatter about it in Dallas at TwiCon a couple weeks ago.

My hubby, daughter and I are really looking forward to going. Ok, so my sweet husband won't attend the convention with us girls, but he will be happy to play in Vegas while we swim in all things Twilight. A fellow Twilight mom/daughter & hubby team are planning the trip with us.

So, I'm starting the saving right now and plan on having a couple garage sales to fund my trip too! I feel a little weird about it, (it's like really jumping off the deep end for me)but I know I am in good company ;)

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  1. Yeah Sarah, you are not jumping off the deep end, you are swimming in lava! HA! Twicon 2010, here we come!


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