Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are You Buying This?

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"FIRST LOOK: Twilight Barbie Dolls Are Here!

Twilight Barbie Dolls Pink Label Collection

If Twilight-inspired greeting cards and clothing wasn’t enough to satisfy fan-pires’ desires, now they can add Edward Cullen and Bella Swan Barbie Dolls to their collections! As a tribute to the on-screen lovers, Barbie has created a set of dolls modeled after Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan. Featuring Robert’s strong jaw line and vampire-glow and Kristen’s long brunette hair and innocent face, the dolls are almost an exact replica of the stars. Looks like Bella’s wish for immortality is finally coming true! The Twilight Barbies, $25 each, will be available starting November 1, 2009 — just in time for the release of New Moon — at Walmart, and Mark your calendars! "

Ok, so this seems to anti Twilight to me.

Bella is supposed to be awkward and clumsy- no where near Barbie is. Hey, Edward could have fallen in love with Tayna or Rosalie if he was searching for seamless beauty, but he wasn't. I don't think I'll be buying this for my daughter and I think Mattel should read the books and give us "reality". Well, as much "reality" as you can from a fictional teenage vampire romance! lol

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