Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eclipse Starts Rehersals & Filming!

'Twilight's Peter Facinelli Muscles Up for 'Eclipse'

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"When Peter Facinelli starts rehearsals for 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,' he and Robert Pattinson and the rest of the gang will be spending a whole week on fight training.

"What happens in 'Eclipse' is Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) comes back and she builds an army of new-born vampires, which are basically new-bitten vampires that are blood-crazed," Peter tells ET. "She is trying to get this army to come after us so she can get to Bella (Kristen Stewart), so we team up with the werewolves to attack these newly bitten vampires."

Peter is leaving for rehearsals for the new movie today, and he says that there are two weeks of rehearsals before the fight training, so his wife Jennie Garth and his girls will probably come up to visit.

"I try not to go more than two weeks without seeing the kids," he says. "That is my general rule. After two weeks, it gets to be too long and the kids are, 'Who are you?' I am on 'Eclipse' for three months. I will go back and forth. I am going to have them come up for the fight training so they can see what dad does."

The 35-year-old actor says he considers the 'Twilight' cast his second family: "We are really like a family off and on set. I love each and every one of the cast members like they are my kids."

As soon as 'Eclipse' wraps, Peter will start shooting the second season of his Showtime series, "Nurse Jackie."

"What is fun for me is to play two characters that have the same occupation, but they are 180 degrees apart," he tells ET."
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