Tuesday, August 11, 2009

100 days Till New Moon's Release! I Brought a Snack...

Sure it's only 14 seconds long...but the studio seems to be giving the fans what they want!

What a nice morning treat!

Anyone planning on seeing "Band Slam" just to see the full new trailer being released??? I just might have to take my daughter ;)


  1. Sarah, I am going to send out an evite today to some friends for a mother/daughter movie night to see Bandslam. When would you and Cayley be able to go this weekend? Friday day (do you have the boys) or Friday, Sat. or Sun. night? Wait, I can't Sat. night, but let me know your thoughts. Tay wants to see it and I wanted to as you first before I sent it out.

  2. aww- thanks for checking! i'll get with tim, but i think he's going to the deer lease in kerrville this weekend. let me see what i can do!


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