Monday, August 3, 2009

Just A Typical Mom Like You...

Well, hi there! If you are reading this, you probably understand & share in the deep affection that I have for Twilight. It just makes me happy- and hey, it's fun! So stay tuned for more news, updates, fun facts, videos, merchandise that I'll happily pass along & share with you :) So welcome to a blog by a busy mom- just trying to balance 3 sweet kids, wonderful hubby, daily laundry, dishes & dinners, and the fun of getting excited over all things Twilight.


  1. I think with me about to start school again I will have my hands full just keeping up with my "twilight tuesdays" so I will post on here anytime you need me too! Love It!

  2. yay! we can feature you on tuesdays and when ever ya want :)


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