Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bella's Birthday Party

Today is Bella's birthday! The day she dreaded, the day that changed everything in New Moon. Getting older wasn't an option for her then...not so much anymore! I was invited by my good friend Alycia to take part in a big birthday celebration dinner at OutBack. O.M.E. is a Twilight sorority that she is leader in, so it was very sweet to invite me and let me bring my Twilight OCD gal pal Julie.
We were so warmly welcomed and felt apart of the group quickly.
Why wouldn't we?
This is a group of women who love the same things we do when no one else understands!

The party was complete with a gift exchange and
we were given Cullen crest pendants as well!

No birthday party is a real party without cake.
Edward was quite tempted by the vanilla :) I don't blame him, it was delicious!

I joined O.M.E. today! Very excited to do more with this wonderful group of ladies.

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  1. that looks like so much fun. What all do they do?


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