Thursday, February 11, 2010

Can You Say..."Ultimate Fan Edition"?

Wal-Mart, this time anyway, has it's finger on the pulse of the world right now! This ultimate fan edition of New Moon is gonna rock. My original plan was to wait in line for the midnight release of the bluray copy at my local Wal-Mart...just as I did last year for the Twilight release. Then I kept reading all these other special editions being distributed through stores like Best Buy, Borders, Target, and Barnes & Noble. All offer really great things, but when I read that Eclipse clips were going to be released...I was completely sold on good ol' Wal-Mart! Here's what they are saying:

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This Ultimate Fan Edition with collectible Lenticular Packaging includes a 7-minute sneak peek of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" which begins with an exciting behind-the-scenes look at the production of the newest film in the franchise. New interviews with stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, as well as with series-creator Stephenie Meyer are integrated with revealing, on-the-set footage of some of the key scenes and sets from the upcoming movie. This first-look at "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" then concludes with the world premiere of an actual scene from the film between Bella and Edward that will surely have "Twilight" fans swooning.

"Twilight Saga: New Moon" - Bella Swan is devastated by the abrupt departure of her vampire love, Edward Cullen but her spirit is rekindled by her growing friendship with the irresistible Jacob Black. Suddenly she finds herself drawn into the world of the werewolves, ancestral enemies of the vampires, and finds her loyalties tested.

So, my friends and I will be hanging out at WallyWorld just waiting to get this!!! You can preorder this starting today...but where's the fun in that?!

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  1. Awesome! Didn't know which one was going to be better but it sounds like Wal-Mart's is on top of my list now!


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