Friday, November 20, 2009

Some New Moon Twi-Tastic Fun!

Wow! The day we have been waiting a year for has arrived! New Moon lives up to the hype and high expectations of the fans.

The night started at 6pm with a fun gathering at Julie's- complete with some Italiano cuisine, mint chocolate Forks cake balls, sliced apples & Edward ice cream pie! A very lively Twi-gift exchange kept everyone laughing while Twilight played on the Blue Ray.
Edward even made an appearance as Kathryn's date!

OME represented :)

The 11 of us made it to the theater by 8:30 and found a line formed! Thankfully they were prepared and didn't make us wait in line in the food court area very long. Management called out our theater number and we made the mad dash to find out place in line...the place we would have for hours!!! Yes, the wait was long, but it was so cool to share this experience with "friends"-everyone was in great spirits!

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