Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And The Wolves Decend

Oooh! Look at Edward. Not looking thrilled! A new still released from New Moon today- must be from early on in the movie, seeing as Jacob's hair is long.

Ok, I'm feeling slightly conflicted. I am on pins and needles for this movie to open and love the clips being released to us "hungry for more" fans. But, are we getting too much? Do you feel like you have already seen the movie? If there was so much to give up as samples- why hold back and have the opening so far away? I mean the studio has been teasing us with clips since Comic Con! I know there's another clip to be shown during the Scream Awards. Twilight has a couple nominations and Taylor is presenting the clip.

But I think I'm done watching trailers, clips, looking at new stills, etc. This next month I want to "cleanse the palate" so to speak, so that when I do see the movie, I will be ready for the full experience.

How about you?
Anyone else on board?
It's gonna be a tough one!
Here ya go Julie ;)
I'd buy one!


  1. girl! I love it all! Keep it all coming! I want to watch and read everything! HA! I am going reread New Moon the two weeks before it comes out! I want the facts straight in my head! I tend to blend the books.

  2. ok, why is everyone whining about the silver volvo not being in it? Isn't he leaning against it?

  3. well,one of the trailers shows him next to a black one. an actual volvo dealership in AZ is using that pic on an ad, lol. i'm not quiet understanding why a black one...maybe one of bella's hallucinations? i'll post the pic on this post too.


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